Gopastami festival is a festival that is celebrated in order to show our respect and love with Lord Krishna and the holy cows. The day in which Lord Krishna had got the responsibility of taking care of the cows from his foster father Nanda Maharaja in Vrindavan, is celebrated as Gopastami. He has become a cowherd when he was a small boy, and he has joyfully done his duties along with his friends.

In the year 2021, Gopashtami is celebrated on November 11th with full of joy and eagerness. The Gopastami festival is mostly celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan, and on this auspicious festival day, the holy cows and their calf would be worshipped by the devotees of Krishna.This Gopastami festival is an ancient festival, and it had been celebrated for more than 5,000 years, since from the young age of Lord Krishna. By celebrating this festival, we would get the full grace of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama.

Go-puja is done on this festival day. Devotees can also visit the Goshala, and they can take care of the cows on this auspicious day by providing cattle food to them. Cows would be decorated with flower garlands, and Turmeric, sandal paste and Kumkum also would be applied on their face. On this day, special puja would be done by the devotees in the North Indian Krishna temples to lead a happier and a stress free life.

In Hinduism, Cows are considered as holy mother, since they provide milk and also it is considered as a sacred animal. Lord Krishna is a great protector of the holy animal cow. If we show our love and affection on cow, we would get the blessings of Lord Krishna and also we would be blessed by the Divine cow Kamadhenu who resides in the heaven.

Lord Krishna has done many miracles in his life, and he has explained the ways to live a proper life through his divine book, Bhagavat Gita.

Hence, let us glorify Lord Krishna by uttering his names on the auspicious Gopastami festival day.


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