Goddess Dakshayani’s self immolation in Daksha Yagna

Daksha Prajapati, the father of Dakshayani Sati lost all his knowledge which he acquired through his penance and the worship of Supreme Goddess who incarnated as his daughter, Daksha started disrespecting and was hating Lord Shiva and the Goddess.

Maharishi Dadhichi then came to Daksha one day and asked him to accept Lord Shiva as his son in law and Dadhichi explained Daksha about who is shiva, why he lives in cremation grounds and why he applies bhasma, but Daksha was not able to understand anything as he lost his ability of understanding from that day itself when he started disrespecting his daughter who was non other than Aadi Parashakti.

Dadhichi left and Dumb Daksha decides to organize a Yagna or fire sacrifice in order to take a revenge from Shiva and Sati , he decides to invite all gods, bramha, vishnu, sages except Lord Shiva and Sati as Daksha thought that with this Yagna he will be able to prove his supremacy as a prajapati and will be able to insult Lord Shiva.

Daksha then leaves to baikuntha and invites Lord Vishnu and asks him to become the protector of the yagna , Vishnu agrees and the day of yagna arrives . Everyone except Shiva and Dakshayani visits the fire sacrifice and with Vishnu as the protector of the yagna , people were less feared about Shiva . Narada then visits Kailash and asks Lord Shiva and the Goddess to attend the fire sacrifice as if the yagna conducted by daksha would succeed without you both , then after him others will also conduct such worships without you both . Shiva says ! Narada it is not worthy to visit a place and that of a father in law where a son in law and the wife is not respected , Daksha does not like me and in his foolishness has also forgotten that who is his daughter and he now disrespects us both and neither me or Sati will visit that place . Narada leaves .

Sati became furious over Daksha , as Mother Goddess was aware of everything what will happen if she visits Daksha , but at the same time Menaka and King Himavan who used to come regularly on Kailash to worship Sati came , as they have desired to obtain the Supreme Goddess as their Daughter , Sati then remembers the day when she gave the boon to Daksha that she will leave him that day when he will insult her and her consort , as that day has arrived so Sati decides to visit her father and also the time has come when she will reincarnate again to Himavan .

Shiva then asks Sati to not visit Daksha’s place as we are uninvited and he will insult us both and its unfortunate to visit him , but Sati says Daksha is my father and there is no need for any invitation for a daughter to visit her father , Shiva again argues with Sati and tries to stop her , Sati becomes angry and takes a fierce form and stands in front of Shiva , she appeared like absolute destruction of the whole universe to Shiva and shiva got afraid and he tries to escape her , but Sati makes her ten forms , The Mahavidyas ( Kali , Tara , Chinnamasta , Dhumavati , Shodashi , Bagla , Matangi , Bhuaneshwari and Bhairavi )to surround shiva from all ten ways , Shiva then regrets his mistake and says you are non other than Parashakti , the source of each one of us and i am no one to stop you to go anywhere , you are independent on yourself but i was worried about you so as a husband i tried to stop you . Sati then calms and explains Shiva that if this yagna wouldn’t be stopped then from then nowhere in the creation you will be worshiped and will not be given yagya bhaga and Daksha will succeed in his task so i will go there and i will destroy that fire sacrifice and Daksha will pay for his sins.

The angry Sati in that fierce form of Kali visits Daksha , Daksha in his ego and foolishness insults her and Lord Shiva . Sati says Daksha if i want i can kill you right now for disrespecting and insulting the lord of three worlds Shiva but you are the father of this body and i don’t want to do Pitrahatya ( to kill father ) so i will destroy my human form as your daughter and will destroy your yagna and then you along with all gods and this creation will have to face the wrath of Shiva . Aadi Parashakti then destroys Daksha’s yagna and performs self immolation of her human body and then leaves to her place .

_ Devi Puranam ( Ch-7,8,9)

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