Goddess Brahmani, Brahmi Mata

Goddess Brahmi, Brahmi Mata

Goddess Brahmi, Brahmi Mata

Goddess Brahmani, Brahmi Mata, is one of the saptha matrikas – the seven divine mothers and is regarded as the kind and benevolent aspect of the Devi. She takes her name from Lord Brahma. Brahmani Mata is the first among Saptamatrika Goddesses.

It is said that She came out of the mouth of Goddess Kali before she was involved in the killing of the demon Rakta beejasur. According to purana, when Goddess Kali made a loud sound on seeing the large troop of Rakta Beeja, Goddess Brahmani came out of her mouth .

Goddess Brahmani is usually depicted as having four faces and four hands and hence she is also called chatur mukhi and chatur bhuji. She carries a kamandala in one hand and a rosary in another. Her other two hands are in the gestures of abhaya and varada mudra indicating boon giving and fearless pose.Her body is golden coloured and she is usually seen seated on a red lotus. Her vahana is a swan.

Goddess Brahmani is also worshipped as the Kuldevi or family diety of many kshatriya clans in India. There are many temples dedicated to Goddess Brahmani. Some of them are found at Baran in Rajasthan, at hanumangarh in Rajasthan, at hanumanganj in Uttar Pradesh, Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, Dingucha in Gujarat, Nana Jadeshwar in Gujarat.

Gayatri Mantra for worshipping Goddess Brahmani

Aum Devi brahmani vidmahe
maha shaktiyai cha dhimahe
tanno devi prachodayat

It is believed that chanting the mantra promotes mutual understanding among married couples. The best time to chant this mantra would be on Wednesdays and Fridays apart from Pournami. However according to Varaha Purana, the sapta matrikas represent mental qualities which are to be avoided and in this, Goddess Brahmani represents the one who destoys the quality of Pride or Mada in the devotee.

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