Gauri Maheshwari, a Catholic girl by birth explaining her experience with Hindu Dharma (YouTube Video)

Gauri Maheshwari catholic girl danielle riordan

Gauri Maheshwari catholic girl danielle riordan

Have you seen the Youtube video in which a foreign girl explaining about Hindu Dharma, Upanishads, Vedas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and the essence of other Hindu Scriptures? If not, you can now watch it on YouTube. Now, let us know about the speaker about whom we are talking till this sentence….

Danielle Riordan, who was a Catholic girl by birth converted into Hinduism and got the name ‘Gauri Maheshwari’.

Raised Catholic, and considering herself spiritual for many years, Danielle decided to convert to Hinduism at age 16. The name Gauri Maheshwari was given to Danielle by one of the priests at the temple upon her decision to be a Hindu. At the time of this interview she is 18 years old.

Hinduism is a way of life for Danielle. In fact, it is the very essence of life and gives her purpose in all she does. It makes her a kinder, gentler person because she realizes that God is in everyone and so she must treat people the way she would treat God. Danielle worships in her puja room at home and at the Hindu Temple in St. Louis.

The excerpts of her interview in Youtube..

Gauri Maheshwari has begun her interview as “I am Gauri Maheshwari, and I am Hindu”.

Q – How would you define religion?

Gauri – Religion is the study of the spirit and how everything came to be.

Q – What is Hinduism?

Gauri – Hinduism is a monotheistic religion. WE believe in ONE GOD, Karma, reincarnation and rebirth.

Watch the Full Youtube video of Gauri Maheshwari’s interview..

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  1. Mannesuresh says:

    Her Knowledge is Divine. Great Cathelic Girl Knowledge.

  2. venkat says:

    Hats of to her for her enlightment on Hinduism.

  3. Mannesuresh says:

    A small story from Ramayan.

    After Lord Ram was crowned as price of ayodhya every one were returning to their home.(Sugriva, Angada, Vibhishana, etc).

    Irrespective of what was happening there, in one corner of the place Hanuman was closing his eyes and was meditating on Lord Ram with tears flowing in his eyes.

    Sita noticed this and gently touched Lord Ram about hanuman sitting in one corner of the room and meditating on Lord Ram.

    Seeing this Lord Rama and Sita went near Hanuman.

    Smelling the fragnance of Lord Ram and Sita when they came near Hanuman, Hanuman opened his eyes.

    With tears Lord Ram said to hanuman, “I cannot give you anything in return for the devotion and bhakthi you have on me. What do you want?”

    Hanuman replied, “Rama you gave yourself to me. What else do I need?”

    Lord Ram said “Only thing I can do is I can take you along with me to Vaikunta”. For which Hanuman asked Lord Ram “If you (Lord Ram) will be there in Vaikunta”. Lord Ram replied i wont be there as Lord Ram itself but i will be there as Lord Mahavishnu. Lord Mahavishnu is the cause and Lord Ram is the effect

    Hanuman replied stating ” I wont come to a place where Lord Rama is not there. I will Stay back in this world and keep mediating on You Rama.”

    Lord Ram said “Hanuman there will be a time even i wont be there in this world”

    Lord Hanuman, “That is what you know about you Rama. As long as this world exists there will be someone uttering your name. I will sit next to them”.

    He continued his meditation on Lord Ram staying back in this world.

    Today also there is a custom where lord Ram name is uttered with devotion and bhakthi, there will be Hanuman sitting in that place.

    – Unspoken Language from Ramayana and Mahabharatha by Voice of Ra.

  4. K.Beergunnot says:

    Welcome to the world of ‘Hindu Dharma’. Danielle Riordan is only one among many.

  5. Venkataramana A says:

    Wellcome to SanatanaDharma May Lord Parameswar bless her ayuraarogya ,aiswarya,gnana

  6. Purvi says:

    born as catholic fascinated by hindus converted to hinduism danielle 16 years age

  7. Bajrang says:

    gauri maheshwari catholic girl explaining her experience on you tube

  8. Tanish says:

    raised catholic and considering herself spiritual for many years danielle decided to convert to hinduism at age 16

  9. Tanvir says:

    raised catholic and considering herself spiritual for many years danielle decided to convert to hinduism at age 16 the name gauri maheshwari was given to

  10. Shalika says:

    danielle decided to convert to hinduism at age 16

  11. Nimish says:

    what christians say about conversion of danielle riordan to hinduism

  12. Praveen Suresh Soomaroo says:

    you have said the Truth nothing but the Truth the real truth is of your action

  13. visweswar says:

    you look to me like the blessed one who will ignite the flagrance of divinity in the confused lot, permeating the already look like the one touched by gods grace…may the paramatma give you the purpose,accomplishment and peace….