Garuda Panchami Puja | Puja procedure of Garuda Panchami Vrata

Garuda Panchami puja is dedicated to Garuda or Garuthmantha. Puja procedure of this puja involves very easy steps. First of all, sanctify the pooja room and place Garuda photo. Draw five Rangoli patterns or Kolam designs in front of the Garuda photo or idol. On the kolams, place a banana leaf or the sanctified cloth. On that leaf, put some rice and spread them. Place an idol or photo of Aadisesha, Divine Serpent.

Garuda Panchami 2022 date is August 2.

Now you can start the puja with placing a Ganapati, made up of Turmeric powder. Recite some slokas of Gauri Devi along with the stotras of Ganesha. After the puja procedure, offer some naivedya to the Lord. Take food after the puja ends.

There is a doubt infact, why Nag or the Serpent God idol should be placed during the puja? It has a reason; when you perform Garuda Puja, there is a chance of getting Naga dosha. To pacify the effect of the Naga dosha, Naga Devata is also worshipped. Performing Garuda Panchami Puja by married women blesses their children with great wisdom and helath. Garuda Panchami is also popular as Naga Panchami.

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  1. Rekha says:

    Oh My God pls dont bluff something, The main Reason for keeping Naaga (snake) on Garuda Panchami? is while Garudan went to get the Amirtham, reason ,why her mother was slaved was all because of the snakes. So, Indiran gave Garudan a varam that all the snakes, which are responsible for her mother’s slanevess, will be Garundan’s slave from then. And, while performing this pooja, if any Naaga Dosham is found for any of the family member, it is believed that the Dosham will get vanished. This is the real story pls if you dont know the real story dont post it in the website coz people who dono the story might take this as correct one.

  2. Prajvala says:

    can we do marriages on garuda panchami date?

  3. Pravin says:

    garuda panchami and naga chathurthi 2013 in tamil

  4. Suprabha says:

    when is garuda panchami 2013 in tamil calendar

  5. Sanat says:

    how to perform garuda panchami pooja in telugu