Ganesha and Snake: What does the Snake around Ganesha’s stomach represent?

snake around ganesha stomach

snake around ganesha stomach

Ganesha and Snake: What does the Snake around Ganesha’s stomach represent? What is the significance of the snake around Ganesha’s stomach? Here is the full story about this..

The fourth day of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha of the Hindu calendar comes in the month of August or September. It was noted as the Ganesh Chaturthi. The idols of god Ganesha were offered with milk on the day of Ganesh festival. The vaahan of the god Ganesha is mooshika.

Ganesha is very fond of modak. It was a special sweet offered by all the gods to Parvati. The goddess Parvati has prepared a lot of Modak and twenty one varieties of food items which are very delicious.

Well, Ganesha had a lot of modaka and his big belly could not sustain it. It had in turn out to be a big problem. The vehicle of Ganesha is mouse. He was set out moving on his mouse at the night. The mouse got stumbled as he encounters a snake. Then the Ganesha fell down from his vaahan. Ganesha’s stomach was burst open and all the sweets came out.

Ganesha started stuffing all of them back into his stomach. He got hold of the snake and tied it around the belly. The snake around Ganesha’s waist represents all forms of energy.

The moon had a hearty laugh after seeing this incident. The Ganesha was annoyed with the moon’s behavior. He pulled one of his tusks and hurled it against the moon. He cursed moon that nobody was allowed to view moon on Ganesh festival. If any person does it, the person will surely earn a bad name.

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