Ganesh Leela by Sahara-One injuring Hindu Sentiments?

Ganesh Leela, a popular Television serial being telecast on Sahara-One between 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm, is criticized because of the depiction of some episodes based on unreal stories and unethical drama. Sources said that Hindus are against the serial telecast and one of the popular Gurujis has written a mail to Sahara One about this. This article about this incident is published on International Reporter.

International Reporter writes:

Telecasting of Ganesh Leela by Sahara-One hurt Hindu Sentiments?

  • New Delhi, India: September 16, 2009 – God Believers/IR Summary – The serial entitled Ganesh Leela being telecast on Sahara One between 8-30 PM and 10-30 PM is based on the twisted facts of the producer of the serial and is continuously causing injuries to the sentiments of Hindus who are the devotees of Lord Vishnu, the all God, and His Cabinet Gods Brahma Ji and Lord Shiva, who are let down in this serial at the hands of Lord Ganesha, telecast by Sahara One.
  • The producer of the serial of Ganesh Leela is also creating illogical and fictitious stories to give the most exalted status of All God to Ganesh Ji, who is a demi God No. 1, blessed by Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology, and was privileged to be respecting first before starting any worship just to purify the devotee.
  • It is requested to the management of Sahara One to stop its telecast and ask the producer to give proper explanation to undo the sentiments of the Hindus so injured in the said serial and then re-start it by giving proper and not cooked facts.
  • The respect and honor of each world religion must be maintained and the Sahara One should take note of it that before releasing such serials, the concerned experts must be consulted to avoid any controversy, since Sahara One has also its own reputation, which¬† it should not risk for unreal serials.

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  1. chris Patel says:

    That is why I always said Hinduism should change ! After Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ‘s coming on earth, Only Krishna’s Form should be valid. Only one book : Bhagavad Gita !
    Other demi GODS are fantasy !!! We should stop drinking cow piss, pray to monkey demigods or elephant gods … these things make ridiculous of our religion !!! It is a sadness to see Hinduism going so cheap and low ! I prefer give reason to Arya Samaj saying : There is no Image of HIM !!! Final !

  2. Pujan says:

    give me ganesh leela sahara one producer address