Ganesh Immersion 2022 | Ganapati Visarjan dates

Ganesh immersion

Ganesh immersion

Ganesh immersion, Ganesh Visarjan 2022 dates. Ganapati Nimajjanam (Vianayaka Visarjan) is the culmination day of 12-day Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganapati Navaratri celebrations.  Usually, Ganesh immersion is held on Anant Chaturdashi day. In 2022, Ganesh Chaturthi Ganpati Navratri begins on September 9.

Genrally Ganesh nimajjan is performed on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th or the 10th day of Ganesh Navratri festival.

To make the festival more enthusiastic and keep the globe free of pollution, use clay or eco-friendly Ganesh idols. The Ganesha Thathwa (Philosophy of Ganesh worship) teaches the same. We use 21 types of herbal leaves and flowers during Ganesh Festival to worship Lord Ganesh.

Read how to do Ganesh immersion… Ganpati visarjan procedure… Ganesh immersion mantras & puja procedure before nimajjanam

Here is the list of Ganesh Visarjan dates in 2022

In some places, from the day of Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the Ganesha idols are also prepared for immersion. Due to terrorist activities and other security reasons, in 2022, Ganesh immersion throughout India will be performed under tight security of the armed forces.

Video of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja in Hindi

Video of Vinayaka Chavithi Vrathakalpam in Telugu

Video of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja in Marathi

Video of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja in English

Video of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja in Kannada

As per tradition, Ganesh immersion is performed on Anant Chaturthi day, which was September 19 in 2021, September 1 in 2020, September 12 in 2019, September 23 in 2018, September 5th in 2017, September 15 in 2016, September 28 in 2015, September 8 in 2014, September 18 in 2013, September 29 in 2012. In 2011, it was on September 11.

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  1. n.v.bala says:

    why is lord ganesh immersed
    what is the significance of lord ganesh being immersed

  2. Syed Noor UrRahman says:








    WAKE-UP !!!!


    IDOL worship ?

    IDLE worship ?


    IDEAL worship ?
    After immersion .. ?

    The Day after ..

    Would you like your Gods bulldozed like garbage ?

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    or dumped like this ?

    left to rot for scavengers to feast … ?

    Lying at your feet …Helpless .. Abandoned by worshippers !

    Maimed ?
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    You decide.

    Wake Up !
    This is our GOD !
    nothing will happen to you if you don’t forward this mail.
    But it would be great if you can do it to avoid real desecration !

    • Shri Ganpati says:

      Ganesha is in the hearts of Hindus and will always remain so, discouraging any Hindu to be an Ajmal Kasab.

      It’s a symbolic worship that Hindus prefer to have. At least there is no slaughter of an animal like in Bakri id.

      I think Muslims should concentrate on forwarding emails within Muslims, and please let these emails be of peace.

      U r forgiven Rehman.

      -Shri Ganesh

    • SANJAY says:

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      For your kind information, our culture and society should not ask for that it is only happen because we forget our moral duties and respects.
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  3. op says:

    S will celebrate as same . Our religion is happy we are happy. that’s enough

  4. sameer says:

    There should be some arragement if any senior citizen come for darshan and do not want to stand in the queue.

  5. pratigya says:

    we r happy by this . we dosnt need u r opinion, who r u to sy dat s our culture

  6. KAPS says:

    Mr. Rehman,

    Dont share your lame moronic thoughts …nobody is interested…people like you bring bad name to the entire community…to your religion…to your God.

    Get well soon 🙂


  7. srikanth says:

    live and let live is our motive, what ever we do is letting others to live, our culture is like coconut tree where each part is useful for mankind, all the festivals are made live and let live principle, we make ganesh idol people get employment perform all varieties ppl get employment at last when we send of ganesh in water there also ppl get employement. i feel…………………… remaining ,…………… everyone is gr8.

  8. johnl says:

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