Ganesh Galli 2012: Mumbaicha Raja Ganesh Mandal becomes Pashupatinath temple setting

The Ganesh Gully mandal of Lalbaug has unveiled its 22-ft tall Mumbaicha Raja that is a lavish set of the Pashupatinath temple. The artisan behind this magnificent décor and set is Artisan Biharilal Giri.

The organizing committee and its members are much happy regarding the outcome of the décor and settings. There was much expectation on this particular Ganesh mandal by the local residents and public at large.

The local residents thanked the organizing committee for coming up with such a wonderful décor and set. The organizing committee’s spokesperson Swapnil Parab said, “Artisan Biharilal Giri has created a near perfect replica of the pagoda architecture of the original temple in Nepal.”

This year, 2012, the Ganesh idol will be with a ‘rudraksh mala’ of 1,118 beads that is offered by the famous politican of Mumbai, Bal Thackeray as a prayer for good health. It is to be noted that this idol was adored with a gold necklace.

On the other hand, Fort Vibhag Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal that is located in South Mumbai near the busy GPO junction has recreated the Bikaner Laxmi palace. This set and décor is really stunning and feels like an oasis of beauty among the Ganesh mandals in Mumbai.

This mandal is known for its best set and décor in Maharashtra. In 2012 also they have come out with more than the public expectation.

According to the latest news, at Lalbaugcha Raja pandal, a private jeweller of Mumbai has installed a jewellery vending machine for the devotees. On the other hand, the Ichhapurti Ganesh is bedecked with 75 tolas of gold and 6 kg silver special crown.

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