Gananathar Temple, Vyasarpadi, Chennai

4 Ganesha

4 Ganesha

There is a beautiful temple for Lord Vinayaka in Vyasarpadi, Chennai. Since Lord Vinayaka is the head of all the Shiva Ganas, he is popularly known as Gananathar. Though it is a small temple, the idol of Lord Vinayaka is very powerful. As per ancient legend, Rishi Veda Vyasa had once visited this place, and worshipped Lord Vinayaka, and as per his request, Lord Vinayaka had stayed at this place, and in course of time, a temple was built for him.

Gananatha gives all kinds of prosperity in our lives, and those who worship him at this temple, would get relieved from their sins and sufferings in their lives. A few kilometres away from this temple, Lord Raveeswarar Temple is located. Lord Ravi also known as Surya, the Sun God, after worshipping Lord Shiva at the present place of the Raveeswarar Temple, had also visited the present place of Sri Gananathar Temple at Vyasarpadi, and due to the grace of Lord Vinayaka, he has become very bright and become very handsome.

Those who suffer from skin and eye diseases are suggested to visit and worship Lord Gananathar at Vyasarpadi. From Perambur, Chennai lot of buses are available to Vyasarpadi, and share auto facilities are also available. Some people would reject visiting some temples, by considering its size. But they have to read about the history of those small temples, and must visit it whenever they get an opportunity.

There are lot of small and big temples of Lord Vinayaka, and he is liked by everyone, and especially by the small children. Most of the children would consider him as their best friend and they also perform puja to him.

Lord Vinayaka is the first god, and he must be compulsorily worshipped by us at least once in a day. He doesn’t expect anything big from us. He expects only a true bhakti from us, and nothing more else. Hence, instead of cursing the god for small, small problems in our life, let us pray to Lord Vinayaka, before doing any kind of activity in our life.


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