Fasting in Hinduism

4 Ganesha

4 Ganesha

Fasting is commonly observed in Hinduism and mostly by the Hindu women. Fasting is observed by the people mainly to get their wishes fulfilled and also it is a form of our dedication and devotion on god.

Fasting would be observed on festival days such as Shasti, Ekadashi, Shivarathiri, Chaturthi and also on Tuesdays and Fridays. Fasting is a must to honour the god and to concentrate more attention on him.

Fasting would be observed by the North Indian people to Mata Santhosi, believed to be the daughter of Lord Vinayaka, and also on Mata Durga Devi, during Navarathri days. Fasting on Lord Chitra Gupta during Chitra Pournami day, would lessen our bad karmic deeds. Many people have witnessed good changes in their life after the observance of strict fasting on festival and other auspicious days.

The major benefits obtained by observing fasting are as follows:

1. Unnecessary problems in our stomach would be removed.

2. Our digestive system would get improved.

3. Our body would become healthier and lighter.

4. We would get the blessings from the almighty.

5. Unnecessary tensions and fears would be removed from our mind.

6. We would get mental relaxation.

7. Our various health related problems would be relieved.

8. We can gain good spiritual energy.

9. We would attain the divine Lokas of the gods.

Hence let us observe fasting on important days on the deities, and be blessed.

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