Exhibition of Lord Ganesha’s Crafts in Bhubaneswar

Exhibition of Lord Ganesha’s Crafts in Bhubaneswar will be held. In 2014, Ganesh Chaturthi begins on August 29 and Ganapati Navaratri ends on September 8.

Ganesh, the lord of prosperity and learning, has stirred the innovation and creativity of artists. Ganesh idols and crafts in all forms, shapes and sizes and some with the motifs of the elephant god are on display at Jayadev Bhawan here.

With Ganesh Puja on Friday, Odisha Rural and Urban Producers’ Association (ORUPA) is organizing the seven-day craft fair exclusively on Ganesh. The exhibition will end in September.

From two-inch idol made of marble and tiny brass statuettes to huge terracotta sculptures in 40 craft forms are showcased. Sixty-five artisans from across the state have unleashed their craftsmanship through mediums like straw, brass, terracotta, wood, pattachitra, fabric, paper mache, lacquer, horn craft, palm leaf, dhokra casting, sea shell and applique. The price ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 25,000.

“The objective of the exhibition is to provide market support to artisans and create a demand for such products,” said marketing executive of ORUPA Ashok Sahu.

“We have been organizing such theme-based exhibitions for the last several years. They have helped us create market link for artisans. We are also planning to organize more such exhibitions in different parts of the state and also outside,” he added.

“I have a personal collection of Ganesh idols and crafts of different shapes and sizes. The exhibition has a huge collection of various designs. I took a beautiful applique work on Ganesh for my drawing room,” said Kalpana Mohanty, an art enthusiast.

Keshav Swain, a stone artist from Konark, said, “With popularization of Vastu, demand for Ganesh statues has increased in the last few years.”

Source – Times of India.

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