Emami’s Starmark launches special Diwali collections

Starmark which is an Emami group venture set up an exhibition to greet Diwali with almost 500 different types of diyas and candles of diverse sizes, rangolis, gifts and many more to light up the festive mood of the people. It was inaugurated on Friday in Kolkata.

The Diwali special collections was launched by Kolkata based model Priyanka and it would be available from 10.30 am to 8.00 pm everyday upto November 13th. Merchandiser of Starmark, Minu Jatia told media that this year among the 500 diyas , there would be peacock shaped, Lakshmi Ganesha shaped diyas and along with those handi like charmukhi, panchmukhi and so on using traditional colours like red and greens and also other experimental trendy colours which would bring vibrancy to match the taste and heritage to celebrate this diwali.

The price range of the diyas would be from Rs 8 to Rs 5000. Also along with this, rangolis and banderwals and diya platter made with leather,3D lakshmi devi charans or footprints, aarati CDs depicting processes of pujas, nouka or boat candles, lotus shaped floating candles, crystal jewelleries costing around Rs 350 to Rs 10000 would tempt the minds and make it a difficult choice.

Starmark has kept in mind all generations and exhibited gift items like Mahalakshmi aarati CDs, Diwali cook books, poker sets, chocolates and Diwali lights for home decoration .

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