Ellaiamman Temple, Uthukadu, Tamil Nadu

Ellaiyamman is a form of Ma Shakti Devi, and among her various temples, there is an ancient and famous Ellaiyamman Temple, and it is located in Uthukadu village in Walajabad in Kanchipuram District. Uthukkadu Ellaiyamma gives all kinds of prosperity to those devotees who sincerely worship her at this temple.

Once the famous Vijayanagar emperor Sri Krishna Thevarayar, had visited Uthukadu village, while he was on hunting.He was also the ruler of the Uthukadu, and due to tiredness he took rest at Uthukadu nearby a lake for some time, and when the king tried to drink water in the lake, he was surprised to see an Amman idol floating in the lake.

The king ordered his attendants to bring out the idol from the water. Amazed by the divine beauty of the idol of the holy mother, the king also built a temple for her at Uthukadu during the 15th century AD. Due to the sweetness of the lake water present nearby the Amman Temple, the deity of the Amman is called as Uthukadu Ellaiyamman.

As per the instructions of Ma Ellaiyamman given to the king at his dream, he introduced permanent puja schemes to the deity, and still now three daily pujas are performed at this temple.

Here Ma Ellaiyamman appears with four arms, with a pleasing look, and she relieves the diseases of the devotees, and grants immediate boons to the devotees.

The images of Varahi, Maheshwari, Durga, Anjaneyar and Vishnu are also found inside the temple, and there is a Navagraha Shrine, and separate shrines for Kalabhairva, Shiva, Parvati and Lord Vinayaka are also found.

During the Tamil months of Chithirai and Aadi, devotees celebrate the festival grandly at this temple, by offering Pongal without salt to the Goddess,and by consuming the holy Prasad we would get relieved from blood pressure and heart related problems, and also from various other diseases.

People from all parts of Tamil Nadu are visiting this holy temple of Ma Ellaiyamma, especially during the Tamil month of Aadi in order to seek blessings from the holy mother, and also to get relieved from their problems.


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