Eliminate worry from your life

There are many reasons to eliminate worry from your life. First and foremost, it’s highly stressful. Think about how you feel when you’re worried. It’s all-consuming and energy draining. It encourages you to focus on problems and on how difficult your life has become.

When you worry, you are on edge and tense. Therefore you tend to be easily bothered or irrationally upset.

When you worry, it’s more difficult to concentrate and focus your efforts. Rather than being completely absorbed in your work, your mind tends to wander toward an uncertain future or a mistake – ridden past. You anticipate trouble, whether it’s realistic or not – and you review past mistakes as way to justify your concerns.

Worry is also contagious. When you worry, it either suggests or reinforces the idea (to others) that there is something legitimate to worry about. It spreads a negative message and a feeling of fear.

Try to eliminate worry from your life!

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