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Ekadasi 2013: Ekadashi Vrata 2013 dates, Ekadasi Fasting Calendar

Ekadasi Vrat is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu Puja. Ekadashi is observed on eleventh day of every fortnight of the Hindu month (Shukla Paksha & Krishna Paksha).

Some Ekadashi vratas are differed by a day for Smartha and Vaishnava sect of Hindus. Smarta people observe Ekadashi on the day during which Ekadasi starts and Vaishnava sect of people observe it on the next day.

September 2013 month consists of 3 Ekadashi Vratas. Bhishma Ekadashi (Jaya Ekadasi) Nirjala Ekadashi, Devshayani Ekadashi (Ashadi Ekadasi), Prabhodini Ekadasi (Devutthana Ekadasi) and Vaikunta Ekadashi are the most observed Ekadasi vratas. In 2013, there will be no Vaikunta Ekadasi.

The list of Ekadashi 2013 dates:

Ekadashi in January 2013

8 January 2013: Saphala Ekadasi (Tuesday)
22 January 2013: Putrada Ekadasi (Tuesday)

Ekadashi in February 2013

6 February 2013: Shattila Ekadashi (Wednesday)
21 February 2013: Jaya Ekadashi (Thursday)

Ekadashi in March 2013

7 March 2013: Vijaya Ekadashi (Thursday); 8 March (Friday) – Bhagvat Ekadasi (Vaishnava Ekadasi)
23 March 2013: Amalaki Ekadashi (Saturday)

Ekadashi in April 2013

6 April 2013: Papmochani Ekadashi (Saturday)
22 April 2013: Kamada Ekadashi (Monday)

Ekadashi in May 2013

5 May 2013: Varuthini Ekadashi (Sunday)
21 May 2013: Mohini Ekadashi (Tuesday)

Ekadashi in June 2013

4 June 2013: Apara Ekadashi (Tuesday)
19 June 2013: Nirjala Ekadashi (Wednesday); 20 June (Thursday) – Bhagvat Nirjala Ekadasi (for Vaishnava sect)

Ekadashi in July 2013

3 July 2013: Yogini Ekadashi (Wednesday)
19 July 2013: Devshayani Ekadashi (Friday)

Ekadashi in August 2013

2 August 2013: Kamika Ekadashi (Friday)
17 August 2013: Putrada Ekadashi (Saturday)

Ekadashi in September 2013

1 September 2013: Aja Ejadashi (Sunday)
15 September 2013: Parsva Ekadashi (Sunday)
30 September 2013: Indira Ekadashi (Monday)

Ekadashi in October 2013

15 October 2013: Pasankusa Ekadashi (Tuesday)
30 October 2013: Rama Ekadashi (Wednesday)

Ekadashi in November 2013

13 November 2013: Devutthana Ekadashi (Wednesday)
29 November 2013: Utpanna Ekadashi (Friday)

Ekadashi in December 2013

13 December 2013: Mokshada Ekadashi (Friday)
28 December 2013: Saphala Ekadashi (Saturday)

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