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Ekadashi 2018 | Ekadashi Vrat 2018 dates

Ekadashi Vrat is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu Puja. Ekadashi is observed on eleventh day of every fortnight of the Hindu month (Shukla Paksha & Krishna Paksha).

Some Ekadashi vratas are differed by a day for Smartha, Vaishnava and Gauna sect of Hindus.

Smarta people observe Ekadashi on the day during which Ekadasi starts and Vaishnava and Gauna sect of people observe it on the next day.

Here is the schedule of Ekadashi Vrat in 2018

12 January 2018
(Friday) Shattila Ekadashi (Tilda Ekadashi)

27 January 2018
(Saturday) Smarta Jaya Ekadashi (Bhishma Ekadashi | Bhauma Ekadashi)

28 January 2018
Vaishnava Jaya Ekadashi

11 February 2018
(Sunday) Vijaya Ekadashi

26 February 2018
(Monday) Amalaki Ekadashi

13 March 2018
(Tuesday) Papamochani Ekadashi

27 March 2018
(Tuesday) Kamada Ekadashi

12 April 2018
(Thursday) Varuthini Ekadashi

26 April 2018
(Thursday) Mohini Ekadashi

11 May 2018
(Friday) Apara Ekadashi

25 May 2018
(Friday) Padmini Ekadashi (Adhika Masa Ekadashi)

10 June 2018
(Sunday) Parama Ekadashi (Adhika Masa Ekadashi)

23 June 2018
(Saturday) Nirjala Ekadashi (Pandava Ekadashi | Bheema Ekadashi)

9 July 2018
(Monday) Yogini Ekadashi

23 July 2018
(Monday) Devshayani Ekadashi (Ashadi Ekadashi | Tholi Ekadashi)

7 August 2018
(Tuesday) Kamika Ekadashi

8 August 2018
(Wednesday) Vaishnava Kamika Ekadashi

22 August 2018
(Wednesday) Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

6 September 2018
(Thursday) Aja Ekadashi

20 September 2018
(Thursday) Parsva Ekadashi (Parivartini Ekadashi)

5 October 2018
(Friday) Indira Ekadashi (Pitru Paksha Ekadashi)

20 October 2018
(Saturday) Papankusha Ekadashi

3 November 2018
(Saturday) Rama Ekadashi

4 November 2018
(Sunday) Vaishnava Rama Ekadashi

19 November 2018
(Monday) Devutthana Ekadashi (Prabhodini Ekadashi)

3 December 2018
(Monday) Utpanna Ekadashi

18 December 2018
(Tuesday) Mokshada Ekadashi (Gita Jayanti)

19 December 2018
(Wednesday) Vaishnava Mokshada Ekadashi

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