Effects of Jupiter in 6th House (Brihaspati in Enemy Position)

Effects of Jupiter in 6th House, Positive Effects of Jupiter in 6th House, Negative Effects of Jupiter in 6th House..

Positive effects of Jupiter in House No. 6

The son of sister or maternal uncle will bring prosperity and one would get everything unsolicited. Father will be respected during his lifetime and be a philanthropist. He will be happy at the time of his death but the same cannot be said of the subject himself. He would have false hopes of prosperity from the time his son is born. The condition of Saturn will determine his wealth. If Saturn is benefic he will be very wealthy.

If Enemy planets are not present in House No. 2, 5, 9, 12 then the sons and daughters will be highly placed and honoured. The person will have lots of wealth and need not have to work hard. When Mercury is benefic he will be selfish and self contented.

When Ketu is benefic he will lead a very good life if his conduct is good.

Negative effects of Jupiter in House No. 6

When Mercury is malefic he will face hardship to the age of 34. When Ketu is malefic he will live like a beggar. The remedy to such a situation would be to worship Ketu and get his blessings.

Sixth House in Horoscope

This house indicates the enemies, difficulties, debts, diseases and obstacles in the life of the native.

The intestines, umbilical region, diseases of the eye and operations and accidents are indicated by this house. Read more about the Sixth House.

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    moon in Mrigasheersham star in Rishaba and Midhuna Rasi