Durga Ashtami Alankaram in Vijayawada Temple

For 2013, Durga Ashtami Alankaram in Vijayawada Temple is – Goddess Durga Devi. Durga Devi, Mahishasura Mardhini are the 8th day Alankarams in Vijayawada Dasara Navaratri 2013, 12 October – Durga Ashtami. During Dasara Sharan Navaratri of Kanakadurga Temple, each day one of the forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped.

This year due to some shuffle in tithis, two forms of the Goddess are worshipped in two Alankarams on the same day.

On eighth day this year, Kanakadurga Mata is decorated in the forms of Sri Durga Devi and Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Devi and worshipped. This Ashtami Navratri falls on Ashwayuja Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi.

Durga Devi is the Goddesses of courage, confidence and mind power. Everyone needs the blessings of these Goddesses for success in every aspect of life.

Last year (2012), Goddess Durga Devi was the Ashtami day Alankaram in Vijayawada Temple. The Alankarams of Navratri puja differs from year to year depending on the Nakshatras and Temple’s Agama Shasthra.

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