Dreams are the common occurrence in everybody’s life. Some memorable thoughts stored in our mind would be executed in the form of dreams. Dreams may be bad dreams as well as good dreams.

Some people may get the vision of their favourable saints and deities in their dreams, and some may get bad dreams. In ancient days, the deities would appear in the dreams of the kings, and askthem to build temples for them, and the kings also would immediately fulfil their wishes. Most of the great temples are built by the kings based on the orders given by the almighty in their dreams.

Some people may get bad dreams, and may get afraid of that. Actually there is no need to get scared. And whatever we dream may not occur in our real life. In general, it is advisable for everyone to watch, discuss and listen about the greatness of the holy saints and the almighty before going to sleep. As per the sayings of the great saints: “Think about only good things in your life, and don’t waste your time in thinking about unwanted and useless things in your life, in order to reach the place of the divine god”.

As per the legend, the great Banasura’s daughter Usha had dreamt about Anirudda, grandson of Lord Krishna, and both of them were married in presence of Banasura and Lord Krishna. Some demons like Hiranyakasipu and Ravana had got bad dreams in their sleep, and likewise they were killed under the hands of theVishnu Avatars.

Some people would say that whatever we dream in the early morning that would actually happen in our real life. It may be applicable for some people, but for most of them it will not happen like that. Some may feel if they dream about getting wealth that would actually occur in their life.

Actually there is no proof for that. It all depends on our imagination only. It is believed that,if we think about spirituality, and travel in the spiritual path, we would get sweet dreams during our sleep, like having the vision of the deities, reaching the heaven like that.
Hence let us always think about good things in our life, in order to get good dreams during our sleep.


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