Bad dreams in Sleep – What to do?

Bad dreams in Sleep, what to do?  I get bad dreams at night, and this happens very frequently. I am afraid. Please help..

There is no need to fear. Just chant Om Namah Shivaya before sleeping at night, or Jai Gurudev, or you can say both and then sleep.

See in our country, and in other countries around the world, before sleeping, children were made to say prayers, is it not? Does anyone follow this now-a-days? How many of you here do it? (A few people raise their hands).

See, very few sitting here follow this. Before sleeping all of you should pray and make the children pray too. Chant one shloka (prayer verse), or take the name of some deity you revere, or just offer thanks to God for the day given to you.

There is no need to pray in Sanskrit only. Even saying a prayer in Hindi will do. God does not only know Sanskrit. He understands your regional languages as well. So just pray. What is important is the feeling.
So before you sleep join your hands and pray, ‘Thank you God for the gift of today. Bless me that I may sleep well tonight and may my day tomorrow be good’.

So you may recite a few lines like this. Or you may just remember God, and chant any name of the Lord that you know. You can chant the name of your deity or your Guru, or any saint. Pray and surrender everything to them and go to sleep.

In the ancient days, children would pray to their mother and father and then go to sleep. But nowadays children don’t have such devotion towards their parents.

If parents keep fighting with each other the whole day then how will the children feel like praying to them? They think, ‘The parents keep fighting with each other, how we can treat them as God?’

If you do not believe in God, or any other deity, then also it is fine. There is no compulsion to believe in God. In that case sit silently with yourself for a few moments and just quiet the mind. Simply remind yourself, ‘My soul is eternal and I am pure’.

In the Ashtavakra Gita, it is said, ‘Aho Aham Namo Mahiyam’, this means, ‘I bow down to myself’.

We can say this (bowing down to oneself) only when there is no sense of guilt within us. Thinking this way, just relax within yourself. You should do this much at least. So meditate for some time and then sleep. Then you will not have bad dreams and you will have good quality sleep.

Note: This is an excerpt of the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji, the Founder of Art of Living.

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  1. Vishwabandhu Bajpai says:

    OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYE,is the mantra normally prescibed to meet the bad dreams.
    Your suggested is on line of prevention of bad dreams,so its ‘good’

  2. Doosri Radha says:

    Vishwabandhu is right. Scripture prescribes silent chanting of ‘OM NAMAH BHAGAWATE VASUDEVAYA!’ mantra while going to sleep. When you chant God’s mantra, you have to do it with great devotion and sincerity, naturally. But, the scripture does not say that this action of yours will relieve you of bad dreams or any other disease. Dreams have many causative factors. The main factor is your daily work (karma), including your thoughts. Any unfulfilled desire, any painful or bitter or sweet experience, any ambition or fantasy, all these are likely to be reflected in the form of dreams. In a dream, it is you who is the director and all the actors or things you see! But, chanting of the mantra while going to sleep has high significnt spiritual benifits, even if you continue to see good or bad dreams. Sleep takes many forms without our knowledge, scientists report. One is rapid eye movement (REM) and its opposite, NREM. Normally, one dreams of what one does. So, if you are a person on the right path (Sadachar), your dreams will not be bad. Dr. Robert Stickgold says more or less the same thing.
    Ravishankar, my child, has mentioned about saluting oneself in the Ashtavakra Gita. I have this book in Hindi only. I did not find any such thing there. However, during my spiritual exercise and even after God-realisation, I (Doosri Radha) apply sandal paste on ‘my’both feet after bath, like it is applied on the lotus feet of my Husband, Lord Krushna, and at the appropriate time, I bow down and touch ‘my’ own feet with ‘my’ hands and lift my hands, kiss it and apply the palms on ‘my’ head as Prasadam, the grace of Lord Krushna! Lord Krushna, my Guru, taught me this practice. This is the Truth about God and Godhood. This is the Truth about what the Ashtavakra Gita reportedly says. Sanatan Dharma is wonderful. Practise it. HARI BOL!

  3. Purohit says:

    how to sleep without bad dreams in hindi