Download Balaji Vrat Katha or Shanivar Vrat Katha Hindi book for free

Here you can download the Hindi book of Balaji Vrat katha or Shanivar vrat katha for free. This is written and compiled by Sri Vishwapathi (Timmaraju Vishwapathi Ramakrishna Murthi) and translated by Dr C Kameswari. This 40-pages book contains the vrat katha of Balaji or Venkateswara swamy, and stories related to the Lord of Seven Hills.

Download Balaji Vrath katha in Hindi for free. You can also download the book from the website of Lord of Seven Hills.

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  1. chandra mohan says:

    Thanks for the great book on Tirumala Tirupati

  2. Kal-hans says:

    download free book of vrat katha of trupati balaji in hindi

  3. Sahen says:

    vrat katha in hindi for tuesday download pdf

  4. Ashwaghosh says:

    ganesh chaturthi vrat katha in hindi book download free