Do not get caught up in the imagined horrors of the future

Some planning, anticipating, and looking forward to future events and accomplishments are an important and necessary part of success. You need to know where you’d like to go in order to get there.

However, most of us take this planning far too seriously and engage in futuristic thinking far too often. We sacrifice the actual moments of life in exchange for moments that exist only in our imaginations. An imagined future may or may not come true.

The solution for all of us is identical. Whether you’re dreading tomorrow’s meeting, or next week’s deadline, the trick is to observe your own thoughts caught up in the negative expectations and imagined horrors of the future.

Once you make the connection between your own thoughts and your stressful feelings, you’ll be able to step back and recognize that if you can rein in your thoughts, bringing them back to what you are actually doing – right now – you’ll have far more control over your stress level.

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