Dharmapuri Yama Dharmaraja Temple, Lord Yama Temple in Telangana

Lord Yama Dharmaraja temple in Dharmapuri Narsimhawa swamy abode is one of the famous temples of Yamadharmaraju, the God of death in Hinduism.

Dharmapuri is a small town in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh and a great pilgrimage at which Lord Yoga Narasimha swamy temple located. The temple is built about 1,500 years ago and still stands tall with its significant South Indian architecture.

Saturday is the most auspicious day to worship and offer puja to Lord Yama. ‘Ganga Deepam’ is the important aspect in this temple. Devotees pour oil in Ganda Deepam to get rid of their sufferings and sorrows.

Devotees also believe that those who have Shani dosham perform Yama Dharmaraja puja in the temple to pacify it and to lead life in a peaceful and happiest manner.

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  1. Iha says:

    where are the temples of lord yama dharma

  2. skbhadra says:

    want to know details history of lord yama and his existence in south india.