Dharma holds Key to an integrated life

Human life represents progress from malignity to — excellence not a static, cyclic reputation of biological necessities. It is an advancement from the transient to the permanent, from ignorance to wisdom and from mortality to life immortal. Progress is also a dual process of conserving the value which we have acquired and adding on to them in other to meet the contingencies and demands. This is the motive behind the aspiration for wealth, which gives us the wherewithal indulge in legitimate pleasure.

To lead an integrated life with out tress and tension, without jealousy, greed or hatred of fellowman and in peace with outer nature and the vicissitudes of fortune, we need a golden key –”Dharma”. Lord Rama demonstated that he had secured all the three with his marvelous instrument. He symbolises Dharma. His life presents an integrated picture – of vital satisfaction,aesthetic longings  social pleasures, fame and popularity. The Ramayana is not just a “guardian” of the past – it is a light that will guide humanity for ever.

In the present world of hectic hurry, no ideal attracts us expect the excitement of the moment. The appeal to uphold the norms of righteous conduct  as contained in the epic, is irresistible. Those who read mighty document will realise that Dharma is with in the reach of all and it will be secure all that a human being wants, if the chooses to follow the directives. Those who transgress these rigid rules will miss the real pleasure of life.

Sri Rama set his free against that wealth and power, which contravened the principles of Dharma , Dr. P. Nagaraja Rao pointed out a discourse. “If my father’s promise necessitates my banishment, Im ready for it,” he declared. Dharma is the antiseptic that keep away the toxins generated by unbridled longing for fame , etc. The Epic does not ask us to be poor but cautions that wealth should not “possess” us. Righteous conduct, as portrayed by Sri Rama, is the cementing factor,integrating the two values –power and desire.

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