What is the relationship of Dharma (righteousness) with God?

What is the relationship of Dharma (righteousness) with God? To this query on the relationship between Dharma and the God, Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living, giving explanation in his words during a Satsang… With what does God not have a relationship, tell me this? God has a relationship with righteousness (dharma) as well as unrighteousness (adharma). […]

What is Rajdharma? Dharma in Politics..

Dharma has a great place and role in politics. People in power should run the government and the affairs of the society in a righteous way. It is the duty of the King to uphold and sustain Dharma (morality and human virtues) in the society in every possible way. This is what Rajdharma is: to […]

Dharma and Adharma

Dharma contains different meanings in different religions. In Hinduism, dharma means the right way of living, choosing the spiritual path and lives according to the principles, philosophies and teachings of the great saints. Providing food to the living beings and doing help to others and removing the tears of the sufferers is also considered as […]

Dharma holds Key to an integrated life

Human life represents progress from malignity to — excellence not a static, cyclic reputation of biological necessities. It is an advancement from the transient to the permanent, from ignorance to wisdom and from mortality to life immortal. Progress is also a dual process of conserving the value which we have acquired and adding on to them in other to meet the contingencies and demands. This is the […]