Dhanteras Deeparadhana Muhurat | YamaDeepa Diya Lighting Time

‘Yamadeepa Prajwalana’ (Yamadeepa Deeparadhana) is one of the famous rituals of Dhanteras (Dhana Trayodashi / Dhanvantari Trayodashi) day. In 2017, Dhanteras Deeparadhana date is October 17. Since it is the important ritual on the day, this day is also referred to as Yama Trayodashi.

Mainly the festival of Diwali begins (Yama Trayodasi) and ends (Yama Dwitiya) with the worship of Lord Yamadharmaraja, the King of Naraka loka. Yama Deepadan is the main ritual of the day.

Lighting of Yama Deepam (diya) is performed on Yama Trayodasi. In some places, there is a ritual of lighting the diya on Dhanteras day and keep this alive till Diwali Lakshmi Puja.

Yama Trayodasi is also known as Shamana Trayodasi. ‘Shamana’ means the aspect which makes your get rid of sins and makes you perfect to get moksha. Observing Yama Trayodasi puja makes you free from fear of death and gives you the mental pleasure.

Yamadeepa Prajwalana Muhurat, 17 October 2017 (Sandhya Samaya Yamadeepa Deeparadhana)

5.42 PM to 6.54 PM in the evening.

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