Why should a devotee worship Lingam?

Why should a devotee worship Lingam?

Indian Religious History – Worshipping Gods and Goddesses

If there is one thing that has hardly any parallels throughout the world, it is the Indian mythology. Indian mythology encompasses a plethora of gods and goddesses that have formed the mainstay of sustenance for devotees through worship of these gods and goddesses in the country.

India is a country where its strength and power lies through its unity in the widespread diversity of culture, religions and its varied philosophy. Although the secular fabric in our country ensures free practice of religions, yet the predominant religion amongst the majority of the populace remains Hinduism. Amongst the most powerful gods in the universe and the most venerated gods is Lord Shiva, who is worshipped throughout the country with immense fervor and implicit devotion.

Lingam – The Representation of Lord Shiva

Lingam is the authentic symbol of Lord Shiva and the worship of the Shivling or lingam unites the devotee to the absolute power of Lord Shiva. The lingam is considered to be one of the most hallowed and consecrated forms of Lord Shiva.

The worship of the lingam helps the devotee to comprehend the potential being of Lord Shiva. There is hardly any doubt in the fact that the Lord is formless without any shape or form and cannot be discerned, yet the Lord is represented through the Lingam. It is with the ardent desire that the worship of the lingam transports the devotee to the timeless entity of Lord Shiva.

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