Devaraja Perumal Swamigal | Sri Jananyacharya

Sri Devaraja Perumal Swamigal also called as Sri Jananyacharya (1341 AD –1445 AD) was a great Vaishnava saint, and he was one of the chief propagators of the Sri Vaishnavism Sampradaya. Sri Jananyacharya Swami was under the lineage of Sri Ramanujacharya. He was a scholar in Vedas and Shastras, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. He is believed to be an aspect of the divine ornament of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Jananyacharya was born in the year 1341 at Melukote in Karnataka to a pious Hindu couple, and he lived for more than 100 years. Devaraja Swamigal has learnt the basic education from his father, and he was very strong at his young age itself, and looks very healthier. He used to eagerly worship Lord Vishnu by chanting the Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam on a daily basis. He was mastered in the sacred text Sri Nalayira Divya Prabhandam and Vedas and he has also written some nice Holy texts. Before becoming a saint, he had a son,whose name was Keshavachar.

Swamy lived in Melukote by doing daily routine spiritual service to Lord Shelvapillai, a form of Lord Vishnu.He used to perform milk bath to the Lord on a daily basis. Due to his dedicated service, the Lord of Melkote considered him like his own mother Yashodha. Since then, he was highly respected by the people who live in his neighbourhood locality.

He lived for a certain period at Melukote and wrote commentaries for Thiruppavai and also for few other Vaishnavite Texts. He also composed few bhakti songs in praise of Lord Vishnu in Tamil and Sanskrit language.

Once as per the instructions of Lord Vishnu, Sri Devaraja Perumal Swamigal had clarified some spiritual doubts to Sri Manavala Mamunigal and soon both of them were become best friends.

Some of the spiritual works rendered by the great saint are as follows:-

1. Sri VachanaBhushanam
2. Tiruppavai
3. AcharyaHrudhayam
4. PeriyaThirumozhi
5. Thirumalai

Sri Devaraja Swamigal has served wilfully and faithfully to Sri melukote cheluvanarayana till the end of his life. Swamy has attained salvation on the year 1445 AD after serving service to the Lord for more than 100 years and Swami’s Brindavan is situated behind the Bhuvaneshwari Mantapam, and an idol of Swamy was also installed at Denkanikottai.


1. Those who serve sincerely to the god cannot be separated themselves from the great almighty.

2. Lord Vishnu only is the true god, and all other deities are to be considered only as his divine attendants.

3. Bhakti must be developed in a step by step manner, and it must be mixed up in our blood, nerves, bones, skins and flesh.

4. Those who have staunch faith on Lord Vishnu need not worry about their future life.

5. Even the mountains and skies might fall down, but the words which come from the mouth of Lord Vishnu would never fail.

6. Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Narada and Dhruva are to be considered as the aspects of Lord Vishnu, since these Bhagavathas cannot be separated from Lord Vishnu.

7. Those who talk bad about Lord Vishnu would have to permanently dwell in the hell!


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