Damodardev (Dev Damodar)

Damodardev (1488–1598) was a great saint and a friend of Sankardev and invoked the bhakti spirit among the devotees.


Damodardev was born in Assam. His father was a friend of Sri Sankar dev, a great saint. Damodardev got educated under a guru and studied the basic education along with scriptures and other religious books. After some time, he and his family were settled in Chandravati pura.

Shankardev guided him in his spiritual journey and he was his guru. He accepted the teachings of his guru and travelled to several holy places and visited the divine deities and also propagated the bhakti spirit to the common people.

He lived a saintly life and he also relieved the diseases of his devotees, through his great spiritual powers.

Corrections to the article

1. His real name is Devadamodar Dev, not Damodar Dev.
2. He was not a brahmin disciple of Sankar Dev. Devadamodar Dev attained the spiritual clarity from a divine saint namely Narada or Basudeva.
3. He was the Founder of Satra & Satra culture. Devadamodar Dev with his own imaginary vision established Satra the first of it’s kind in 1540 A.D. at Bausi Paragana at Barpeta, Assam which is known as Patbausi Satra today.
4. Devadamodar Dev established a new Vaisnavism philosophy which is called “AAKAGRABHAKTIBAD”, the devotion with full concentrations.

Dev Damodar Tithi

Let us praise the great saint and be blessed.

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Shri Pranab Kumar Sarma
Sanghadhikar (President)
Harshavardhan Kashyap
Sanghadhikarta (Secretary)

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