Chatur Mas Vrata Phalam (Merits of Chaturmasa Vratam)

Merits of Chatur Mas Vrataare highly considerable; because of the period of vrata is 120 days i.e 4 months. The devotee who follows the basic rules and principles of Chatur Mas vrata will attain salvation and reaches the God head in his next birth. In 2019, Chaturmas vrata starts on July 12 / July 13 / July 16 (Devsayan Ekadasi or Ashadi Ekadashi / Guru Purnima).

Puranas described that Chaturmasa Vrata Saadhak would not have any rebirth.

Who takes meal only after seeing nakshatra (nakshatr darshan) during Chatur Mas Vrata will become rich and wealthy.

During Chaturmas Vrata, the one who takes meal only on alternate days will stay forever in Vaikunta (Heaven of Lord Vishnu). It means who keeps fast on alternate days will attain moksha (salvation).

The one who keeps fast for five days and takes meal only on sixth day will obtain the result of Ashwamedha Yaga and Rajasuya Yagna.

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