Chandraghanta | Goddess Chandraganta Navdurga



Chandraghanta Mata (Chandraganta) is the third Goddess among the Navadurga, nine aspects of Mother Goddess worshipped during Durga Navaratri. Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped on the third day (Maha Tritiya) during Sharad Navaratra.

In Chaitra Navratri, Chandraghanta Puja date is March 23. In 2023, Chandraghanta Puja date in Durga Navaratra festival is October 17.

Appearance and Iconography of Chandraghanta Mata:

Appearance of iconography of Goddess Chandraganta is little complex. Chandraganta has a bell-shaped half moon in her forehead. Hence, this Navdurga mata is called Chandraghanta.

Ten armed Chandraghanta is in golden complexion. In her five hands, she holds weapons like bow, arrow, Trishul (lance), sword and mace. In other three hands, Chandraghanta holds rosary, lotus and kamandal (pitcher). Remaining two hands shows Varada and Abhaya mudra and blesses her devotees. Chandraghanta rides a lion.

Chandraghanta always looks like that she is ready for war against evil or devil demons. Her pleasant looks clears all sorrows and sadness of her devotees. Her roaring voice alerts and makes the Demons to tremble.

Mata Chandraghanta Dhyana Mantram

Mata Chandraghanta Kavach

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