Chandra Grahan Shanti Puja in Vijayawada Durga Malleshwara Temple on 17 July 2019

On the occasion of Chandra Grahanam, Lunar Eclipse on 16-17 July 2019, Vijayawada Durga Malleshwara Swamy temple, also known as Kanakadurga temple, will be closed on the day at 6’0 clock in the afternoon and will be opened after Grahan Shanti Puja at 7’0 clock in the morning on 17 July 2019.

It is to note that this Chandra Grahanam is Pakshika Chandra Grahanam and completely visible in India.

All major temples like Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara Devasthanam, Sri Kalahasthi Kalahashtishwara Swamy temple, Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy temple, Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeshwara swamy temple, Basara Sri Gnana Saraswati temple, Dwaraka Tirumala Venkateshwara temple, Simhachalam Simhadri Appanna temple, Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy temple and all other major temples remain closed during Chandra Grahanam time. After performing Grahana Shanti puja, the temples will be opened.

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  1. Reva says:

    stars to do shanthi on lunar eclipse on april25th

  2. Narhari says:

    santhira kiraganam 2019 shorting time closing times

  3. Gagan says:

    chandra grahan 2019 dates and time in telugu

  4. Anvi says:

    when chandra grahan in 2019 at o clock