Dhanvantari Homam

Dhanvantari Homam, Dhanvantari Homa benefits, procedure of Dhanvanthari Homam. Vidhi, Vidhana of Dhanvantari Yagna. Dhanvantari Moolamantra is recited in this Yagna.

Dhanvantari Homa is performed to get relief from various diseases and attain a long life with good health. Lord dhanvantari is the chief deity of this powerful Homa who is the Divine physician believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He appeared during the churning of the ocean with nectar to rejuvenate the celestial beings.

Benefits of Dhanvantari Homa

Performing this Homa will invoke the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari on the individual and is considered a powerful remedy for all incurable diseases. It is recommended to perform this Homa once in a year to get rid of all health problems.

The best time to perform Dhanvantari Homa is on the day of Ekadashi and during the Homa, 108 medicinal herbs are offered into the sacrificial fire. It is believed that the medicinal properties in the herbs will help in relieving all the physical ailments during the Homa.

Dhanvantari Homa Procedure, Vidhi

During Dhanvantari Homa, Amrutha Samith is dipped in ghee and milk and offered in homa. Also other materials like Milk payasam and ghee are offered. Various mantras like Dhanvantari Moolamantra, Vedamantra, Ayushya sooktha are recited during the homa.

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  1. Mukesh Sharma says:

    Can we perform Dhanvantri Havan at home ? My friend’s family did this in a temple but I want to Dhanvantari Homam at my house itself. Please advice

  2. Satish says:

    The Dhanvantari mantra for good health can be recited everyday by anyone. It is beneficial if you are suffering from any disease. If you recite Dhanvantari mantra everyday regularly, you will notice a lot of difference in your health condition. I have tried this myself

  3. Karunakar Shetty says:

    Is Lord Dhanvantari the incarnation of Vishnu ? If So , then how was it possible for Dhanvantari and Lord Vishnu to co exist… I mean they were both present when the samudra manthan happened. Does this mean he was an aspect of Vishnu or a different person. Im confused about this and can someone clarify this for me………………

  4. Chanchala says:

    how to perform dhanwantri homa at residence pdf

  5. Someshwar says:

    dhanvantri homa should be done on which day

  6. K.A.Sastry says:

    No List of 108 Medicinal Plant’s name is given. Merely saying that we are using 108 medicinal Herbs is not enough Please provide the names