Bipattarini Puja 2021 | Bipadtarini Brata

Bipattarini Brata (Bipadtarini Brata) is an auspicious austerity dedicated to Goddess Shakti. Bipattarini Mata is one of the local manifestations of Mother Goddess. In 2021, Bipattarini Puja dates are – 13 July and 17 July.

This Brata is observed on Tuesday or Saturday in Ashar Month (June-July) or Shraban Month in Bengali calendar during Rathayatra (from Rathayatra day to Ultorath – Punaryatra).

2021-2022 year is Year 1428 in Bengali Calendar. 13 July is ’28 Ashar 1428′ (Tuesday) and 17 July 2021 is ’32 Ashar 1428′ (Saturday) as per Bengali Panjika.

Similarly to Goddess Parvati who saved Lord Shiva when he swallows the poison during the churning of Ocean (Ksheer sagar Manthan), Goddess Bipattarini is considered as one of the forms of Shakti who saved Lord Krishna from danger.

How to observe Bipattarini Brata

On the day prior to brata, women who want to do brata need to consume only vegetarian food. On the day of brata, women must fast.

As Naivedya, Goddess is offered nine types of fruits.

Women who do brata would wear a red coloured sacred thread with fourteen knots to their left hand. If men do brata, they must wear this thread to right hand.

Bipattarini Brata Katha (story) is associated with sage Narada.

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