Bhima Bhoi, Saint Poet from Odisha

Sant Kabi Bhima Bhoi

Sant Kabi Bhima Bhoi

Bhima Bhoi (1850–1895) was a saint and a famous poet of Odisha. Bhima Bhoi was a disciple of Mahima Swamy. Bhima Bhoi had spread the Mahima Dharma, a kind of Dharma formed for the welfare of the suppressed and the under privileged class of people.

Bhima Bhoi was born in Jatesingha at Odisha in the year 1850, and he was born in a poor tribal family.

Bhima Bhoi was a great poet, composer and a singer. He was a devotee of Lord Krishna, and wrote lot of songs in praise on him, and also on social issues pertaining to caste differentiation. He also fought for the rights of the women, and encouraged in the remarriage of widows.

As an honour to the great sant Bhima Bhoi, the Bolangir Medical College is named as Bhima Bhoi Medical College.


1. According to god, all are equal and there is no differentiation between the people.

2. Lord Krishna is the guide for us, and we have to follow his teachings, to lead a noble life.

3. Selfless service is only liked by the god, and let us be kind and polite with others.

4. No one would exist for a long period of time in this world, except the divine almighty.

5. Sing the glories of Lord Krishna, and dance in a jolly mood.

6. Don’t get depressed and get worried about your life, have faith with the divine master, and enjoy the comfort under his umbrella.

7. Always do some kind of charitable activity, and be helpful to others.

8. Don’t worry about the death of your loved ones. Since, one day you are also going to die.

9. Don’t allow bad thoughts to enter into your mind, always fill up with good thoughts in your mind, and be happy.

Let us praise the great saint and be blessed.


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