Bhauka Amavasya

Bhauka Amavasya is observed on Vaishakh Amavasya in Goa and some places of Maharashtra. In 2015, Bhauka Amavasya date is May 18.

Vaishakha Amavasya is also referred to as Bhauka Amavasya according to Dharmasindhu, a literary work of 17th century. On this particular day, Goddess Bhauka (Goddess of Earth) is worshipped.

Goddess Bhagavati is also worshipped as Bhauka in Kerala.

Bhauka Mata is also worshipped as Gramadevata in many places of Goa. She is associated with the places like cemeteries similar to that of Vetal (Bethal).

Mata Gajalakshmi is also worshipped as Bhauka in some village of Goa. As Maa Lakshmi also appears in ferocious form like Alakshmi Jyeshta, she is referred to as Bhauka Mata.

Prominent temples dedicated to Bhauka are found at Salem, Chopdem, Madrem, Paliem and many other villages in Goa.

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