Bhadraksha Mahatmya, Significance of Bhadraksha beads

Bhadraksha Mahatmya, Significance of Bhadraksha beads

Among all the sacred trees as per Vedas and Sanatan Scriptures, Bhadraksha tree is an important one. According to Puranas, the tears of Lord Shiva are evolved into Somaksha, Indraksha, Bhadraksha and Rudraksha.

Most of us know about Rudraksha but we do not know much about Bhadraksha which are referred to as ‘Siddhi nidhi’ (the treasure of Siddhis).

Apart from Puja dravya and for dharana, Bhadraksha beads are also used as Homa dravya and for medicinal use.

The Bhadraksha trees are widely grown in Sri Lanka, Bali, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia, Australia countries apart from the Agasthyamalai, Kumaramalai, Brahmagiri, Sahya, Vindhya giri, and Kumuvan mountains in India.

The unpublished granthas like Siddharagasya Thilagam, Siddha Anubhoga Rahasyam, and Kalabhairava Tantram explained the significance of Bhadraksha beads in very detailed manner. There are a number of Sadhanas regarding Bhadraksha are also explained by Ganapathya Siddhas, Shakteyas, Shaivas, Kartikeyas, Bhairava and Naga Siddhas.

Siddhagurus wear Bhadraksha and use them as Homa dravya and for medicinal purposes.

According to Chandeeshan Yogiraj (A Guru in Agasthya guru sampradaya), “That smaraneth punyam kotirbhavati moolanath’… It means just by taking the name of Bhadraksha, one can attain ‘Koti Punyaphala’.

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  1. Kaushik says:

    Yes, the information provided here is genuine.

  2. Mainak says:

    How to worship Bhadraksha and what is the mantra of bhadraksha . For eg. 1 mukhi bhadraksha

  3. Rajaram says:

    Can whole bhadraksha seed is used to cure piles.

  4. Prakash Poudel says:

    A sadhu also has given me bhadraksha with many blessings.. he has suggested me to wear on monday & dip it in cow milk for suddhi karan…
    I want to wear it.. i can na??