Benefits of worshipping Shivalingam



In Hinduism, the Linga form is the most popular way of worshipping Lord Shiva. It is also known as Shivlinga or Shivling. The Linga is a symbol that is used as a way to give form to an entity that has no form.

In Hinduism, the formless is known as Brahman or Supreme Being. When a Linga is placed on a Yoni, it is a representation of the union of Shakti and Shiva.

Worshipping a Shivling or Lingam helps the devotee connect to the Supreme Being who is Lord Shiva. The Lingam puja helps believers understand the truth and Lord Shiva better. Since he is believed to be a formless being, he appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga in front of Vishnu and Brahma so that his devotees could worship him better. Hence, the Lingam is a symbol of Lord Shiva and worshipping it through Lingam pujas takes devotees one step closer to learning the eternal truth. This truth is that every devotee, man or woman, is part of the Supreme Being.

There is also a belief that worshipping Lingam helps devotees who are unable to reproduce. This is due to the fact that one of the many interpretations of the Shivling is that it is a representation of the male reproductive system. Devotees who are unable to bear children believe that worshipping it will grant them a child.

Over the years, many theories have been given regarding the Lingam and its origin. Whatever the truth is, Lord Shiva’s devotees believe in its potent power and continue to worship it.

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