Being Optimistic…

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you expect the best or the worst to happen?

•  Being an optimist does not mean that you are out of touch with reality, ignoring difficulties and obstacles and behaving in a naive way.

•  Being an optimist means that you hope and expect events and plans to turn out well, and that you look with a smile on the future.

It is important to be a balanced optimist, using common sense, not just telling yourself that nothing bad can ever happen and closing your eyes. Doing so, can lead to being impractical, making poor decisions, and letting people ridicule or take advantage of you.

A balanced optimist looks at reality, acknowledge the difficulties and obstacles, but is not discouraged by them. A balanced optimist can see the good and the bad, but at the same time, expects success, and puts forth effort to make things turn out well.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean waiting for things to happen by themselves. It means expecting the best, believing that the best will happen, but at the same time making decisions, following them, acting and making things happen.

Why be an optimist? Because optimism keeps you motivated and energetic, pursuing what you want with ambition, confidence and happiness. It helps you focus on your vision, and makes everyday a happy day.

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