Badragiriyar Siddhar

Badragiriyar (10th century AD) was a siddha purusha and he was considered as a great saint, who lived during the period of the great Shaivite Saint Sri Pattinathar. Before becoming a saint, Badragiriyar had ruled the kingdom of Ujjain in a well versed manner.

Once while Pattinathar was doing meditation near the Mahakaleswara Temple, Ujjain, some thieves put the ornaments stolen by them, in the neck of Pattinathar, and ran away from that place. Mistakenly, the soldiers considered Pattinathar as the thief, and handed over him before the king Badragiriyar.

Without properly inquiring about the incident, the King Badragiriyar had ordered the soldiers to hang Pattinathar. While the soldiers tried to hang Pattinathar, the rope was burnt into ashes. Due to this miraculous incident, the soldiers realized their mistake, and took him in front of their king Bhadragiriyar.

After knowing about the holiness of Pattinathar, the king had crowned his son, and become a disciple of Pattinathar and went along with him.Both of them stayed in a Shiva Temple at Thiruvidaimarudhur, and lived their life, by praying and doing meditation on Lord Shiva. They lived a simple life, and used to eat food by taking alms. During their stay at the temple, both of them have done lot of miracles in the life of the devotees. They healed the diseases of the devotees, and inculcated the Shiva Bhakti in their minds, and made them to concentrate their attention on Lord Shiva.

Bhadragiriyar was excellent in penning devotional poems on Lord Shiva, and he has sung many songs in praise of Shiva in the Thiruvidaimarudhur Temple. Due to his high spiritual powers, he gave salvation to the daughter of the Kasi King, as per her request. He used to burn the bad karmas of the devotees, by touching them on their heads, and through his noble acts, even the bad people had become good and they had attained salvation.


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