Golden Quotes of Sri Aurobindo & Mother Mirra Alfassa

Sri Aurobindo Mother Mirra Alfassa

Sri Aurobindo Mother Mirra Alfassa

Sri Aurobindo and his disciple Mother Mirra, who is fondly called by her devotees as “ANNAI”, are spiritually inclined persons, who were lived during the 20th Century AD. Both of them were lived a healthy life by practicing Yoga and meditation, and both of them were written spiritual as well as general books. They lived in an Ashram at Pondicherry, and still now, lot of spiritual seekers are eagerly visiting the holy Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. Both of them had attained spiritual enlightenment by the way of practising meditation, yoga and making regular prayers on the almighty.

During the time of death of Aurobindo, his body shined brightly like the gold, and there was no bad smell in his body. After his death, Annai Mirra occupied an important place in the Aurobindo Ashram, and lot of spiritual enthusiast and spiritually motivated people began to visit her ashram, in order to get her Divine Darshan. Still now her devotees are worshipping her similar to the goddess Shakti Devi, and sanctifying her by forming “MOTHER CENTRES”, in various places of India.

Some of their wonderful golden quotes are as follows:-

Only if our mind properly works, we can get good idea about spiritualism.

Every person should have an aim, and must dream for a proper life.

Avoid crying and stop getting anger and finding fault on others, and instead of that, try to develop good habits like strong mental courage and the will power to face any kind of problematic situations.

Only if you have a good health, you could be able to do your work properly, hence maintain a good physique by doing regular exercises, yoga and meditation.

A calm mind alone can do even the most difficult work. Keeping our mind calm is in our hands only.

Though we have been given sufficient wealth by the god, yet we are living like a beggar in this world, due to our laziness.

Each victory gained by you would make you to reach the top of your career ladder.

Good knowledge can be attained by us only through proper understanding of the subjects, and also by way of listening to many good things in this world.

Everyone contains the required qualifications in his life, and it all depends on how he uses his intelligence power, to come forward in his life.

Live your life happily and peacefully, and don’t get panic with your problems.

Truth cannot be destroyed in this world.

Peace of mind can be obtained by us only by the way of moving peacefully with others.

Consider yourself as a special creation of the god, and exhibit your talents in front of others.

Doing Sacred deeds can even change our bad fate, and hence try to do lot of noble activities in your life.

He is the one who has enormous powers even to turn a small ant into an elephant, and he is our great almighty.

Doing spiritual activities would purify our soul.

Love others.

If you feel the divine presence within you, then there is no need to search the god from the outer world.


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