Atla Tadde: Main rituals & customs

Atla Taddeis one of the main festivals in Andhra Pradesh which is celebrated on the third day after Ashwayuja Purnima. This festival is observed on Ashwayuja Bahula Thadiya. In 2020, Atla Thaddhe date is November 3.

Women keep a day-long fast without food and water on this day. This is also called ‘Nirjala vratam.

After performing Gauri Puja in the evening, they break their fast. The special recipe of Atla Tadde is Atlu, small Dosas. Women eat Atlu to break their Upavasam after seeing the Chandamama, Moon, in the Sky.

Some main customs of the festival include – applying Gorintaku or Maidaaku (Mehandi) on palms and swinging in Uyyala (Swing seat). The more red colour they get with applying Mehandi, the more they will be loved by their husbands.

People prepare atlu and distribute among their friends, neighbours and relatives.

Mutthayuduvu Puja (Suhasini Puja) is performed during the festivals and offered atlu and some other items as Vayanam (offerings).

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