Ashwattha Maruti Poojan 2017

Ashwattha Maruti Poojan is a highly auspicious puja observed in Shravan Month on all Saturdays (Shravan Shanivar). In 2017, Ashwattha Maruti Poojan dates are – 29 July, August 5, August 12 and August 19.

Also popular as Shravan Shanivar Vrat, Ashwattha Maruti Poojan which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman Puja, is mainly observed in Maharashtra and some parts of Gujarat.

Usually Shanivar or Saturday is dedicated to Hanuman Puja and in Shravan month Lord Hanuman is also worshipped along with Lord Shiva because he is also known as Rudravar (incarnation of Lord Shiva).

Along with Hanuman Ashwatha Vriksh (Banyan tree) is also worshipped on Saturdays in Sravan mahina.

Ashwath Vriksh is considered as the ‘sarva devata vriksh’, where all the Gods live. Ashwatha Vriksha Stotra defines the above in detail. It is believed that in the roots of Ashwath Lord Brahma lives, in the stem of the tree Lord Vishnu lives, and on the peak of the tree Lord Shiva lives. This is the reason why Ashwath vriksh is also offered prayers in Sravan month.

29 July 2017 – Shashti in Shukla Paksha (Shriyal Shashti)

5 August 2017 – Shravan Shukla Trayodashi (Shani Pradosham)

12 August 2017 – Shravan Krishna Panchami

19 August 2017 – Shravan Krishna Trayodashi (Shani Pradosh)

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