Ashad Mahina 2022 begins on 15 June

On 15 June 2022 Ashad Mahina begins in North Indian Hindi calendars. Ashada Month will end on July 13 with Ashad Purnima (Guru Purnima).

Ashad Mahina is considered inauspicious and be omitted for auspicious events like marriage, gruhapravesh, shankhusthapan, bhumipuja, upanayana, engagement ceremony (Nischithartham), etc..

It is okay to perform the compulsory events (need to be performed) like Namakaran, (Cradle ceremony), Seemantham (Godhbharaai), etc.. in Ashad Mahina.

What is the importance of Ashada Masam — Why it is considered inauspicious??

Why newly-married couples need to be parted during Ashada Masam?

Telugu Festivals in Ashada Masam 2022

Kannada Festivals in Ashada Maasa 2022

Marathi Festivals in Ashada Maas 2022

Gujarati Festivals in Ashada Maas 2022

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