Aryavrat or Bharat instead of India – A mail from Bhargava Kulkarni to Hindupad

Aryavrattas or Bharatis are todays Indians. India was called as Aryavrat or Bharat in Vedas time and even during Rajarika or Kings reign. About this, Hindupad has received a mail from Bhargava Kulkarni, an enthusiastic visitor of Hindupad. He asks us to stop writing as ‘India and start writing ‘Bharat/Aryavrat. We do it whenever we can and wherever we can. Its a great suggestion from Bhargava and thanks for his mail.

Here is the original mail content:

Sadar Pranaam


Britishers have left us 63 years back. We have no reason to follow their conventions. We feel pride by being called as Aryavrattas of Bharatis.

Please make changes in the site if possible, or at least in the future try to do so..



Hari om!

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  1. Janam Singh Rana says:

    There must be only one name i.e. BHARAT. for eg. if somebody name is Rakesh he will be Rakesh for all languages. So Bharat in english is always BHARAT…