Arundhati Vrat | Arundhati Vratham

Arundhati Vrat is observed on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra Month. In 2022, Arundhati Vrata date is April 4.

But in some places, this vratham is observed for first three days of Chaitra month, beginning on the Chaitra Pratipada. The third day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha is also observed as Manorath Tritiya, Gangaur Teej Vrat, Gauri Tritiya, Andolan Tritiya, Soubhagya Tritiya, Sowbhagya Shayana Vratham, Shiva Shakti Pujan, etc..

Arundhati Vrat is observed by married women as a commemoration of Sage Vasishta’s love and affection towards his wife Arundhati. Arundhati Vrat katha or the legend of this vrata says, when Vasista was offered a place in the Saptarshi Mandala, he accepted it only when his wife Arundhati was allowed to accompany him.

Strict fasting is observed by the performers during Arundhati Vrata. Those who observe this vrata for three days should keep fasting on the first day. Lord Ganesha is installed in the form of Kalasha on the second day and Ganesha Pujan is observed. Arundhati and Vashishta are also installed at puja place and offered pujan. On the third and concluding day, Shiva and Parvati are worshipped. Those who observe Arundhati vrata on Tritiya day will perform all the above rituals on the single day.

In 2020, Arundhati Vrata date is March 27.

In 2019, Arundhati Vrata date is April 8.

In 2018, Arundhati Vrata date was March 20.

In 2017, Arundhati Vrata date was March 30.

In 2016, Arundhati Vrata date was April 9.

In 2015, Arundhati Vrata date was March 22.

In 2014, Arundhati Vrata date was April 2.

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