Annadana Seva at Kashi, Rameshwaram Temples

We can perform Annadana Seva at Kashi and Rameswaram in order to pacify the souls of our ancestors. Apart from performing Pitru Tharpanam Rituals, performing Annadana is also considered as a part of our rituals, since by feeding food to the poor and the hungry living beings like dogs, cats, crows and sparrows, we could satisfy our ancestor’s souls. Kashi and Rameswaram are the best holy places to visit. During ancient times, old age people would travel to Kashi and Rameswaram mostly by walk or through bullock carts. Whenever if the parents were insulted by their children, then they would say to them, “Now it’s the time for us to go to Kashi and Rameswaram, and we would stay there till our death”.

Still now some bad-natured children would take their parents to Kashi or Rameswaram by pretending them as if they are going to show the holy temples to them, but, instead of that, they would leave them at a lonely place, and would ran away from that places. Doing such a bad act would create severe sins for those bad natured children, and as a result of their bad acts, during their next birth they would be left alone as orphans during their childhood itself.

There are several types of Doshams, like Pitru Dosham, Brahmahati Dosham, Kanya Dosham and Navagraha Dosham. Among these types of Doshams, Pitru Dosham is considered to be a very harmful dosham, and it occurs due to the misbehavior shown by the children to their parents. In order to cleanse their sins, visiting Kashi and Rameswaram would help them to get rid from their Pitru doshams at least to some extent.

Since Lord Rama itself had performed Pitru Tharpanam rituals at Rameshwaram, devotees can chant the Rama Japam and visit Rameshwaram. There are few holy wells present in Rameshwaram Temple, and it is believed that those who pour that holy water on their body would be cleansed from their sins, and thereafter they would become pure. After taking bath, the devotees can also offer food to the hungry and poor people, by chanting “RAMA”, “RAMA”.

In Kasi Temple, Annadana Scheme is functioning in a nice manner. Those who want to donate for Annadana can do it either during their direct visit to Kashi, or otherwise they can donate it through online also.

Hence let us cheerfully visit Kashi and Rameshwaram even before our parent’s departure in order satisfy the souls of our forefathers.


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