Angalamman Songs | Famous Songs for Angala Parameswari Amman

Angalamman Songs | Famous Songs for Angala Parameswari Amman… Ma Angala Parameswari Amman also called as Angalamman is a form of Ma Shakti Devi, and one of her main temples is situated at Melmalayanoor. Most of the Tamil nadu peoples Kula Deivam is Angala Parameswari Amman. My Kula Deivam also is Angala Parameswara Amman Temple which is situated in Keerakara Veedi, Erode -1.

It is one of the most important temples in Erode. Boarding and Lodging facilities are available nearby the temple. During Sivarathiri Festival and Aadi month festival, lot of people will come to this temple and will do Abhishekham and Archanai. This Amman has done lot of favours to her devotees. Free from sickness, wellness in family, removal of poverty in the family, giving child to childless people etc. It is a must to visit this Erode temple along with other Angalaparameswari Amman temples situated all over Tamil Nadu.

Some of the honey dipped wonderful bhakti songs in praise of Ma Angalamman are as follows:-

Oh my Dear Pretty Goddess you are very beautiful, who appears with diamond studded glittering ornaments, you are permanent you are the destroyer of all sins, diseases and badness.

Oh Ma Parameswari you stood as the sparkling flame, you are giving brightness even to the TRIMURTY, you are the remover of all pains and diseases of those who come and see you on your temples.

You would remove the sorrows of those who fall at your holy golden coloured feet, you makes wonderful miracles for those who keeps you on their thought, since the entire world is filled up with full of illusions, please come to protect us by considering us as your sons and daughters.

Oh the pretty consort of Shiva, you are the female form of Lord Shiva, and you are goddess of the entire universe. ,

You are the wonderful goddess , who removes our mental and body pains, miseries and sorrows, who protects the depressed and supressed ones,

Oh my Dear mother Angalamma, Oh Uma who lives in the pretty city of Erode.

Oh my great goddess, I want to present rich garments and ornaments for you, I request all of your devotees to honour you, by the way of gifting nice clothes and golden jewels for you. With your divine support, we are all able to lead a joyful life. Even if we eat less food, with your grace, we feel as if we have eaten sumptuous delicious meal, even if we stay at dense forest, we feel as if we stay at the palace in the heaven. Oh my Dear mother Angalamma, Oh Uma who lives in the pretty city of Erode.

Oh Uma your entire body contains brightness equivalent to the radiance of millions and millions of suns, you have been worshipped by gods like Indra, Varuna, Vishnu, Brahma and sages like Bhrigu, Agastiya and Atri. I am finding great happiness in reciting your marvellous names. I want to utilise my birth usefully towards worshipping you at all times for 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week and for 365 days in a year, and I find no time towards spending on any other activities, since I used to always consider that worshipping you alone is the main activity for us.


Let us worship the great divine mother by chanting her 108 golden names and let us be blessed.

1.Om Angalastraya namah
2.Om Angalavidyayai namah
3.Om Angalamatre namah
4.Om Angalasanatanyai namah
5.Om Angalabrahmesyai namah
6.Om Angalavalyabagalayai namah
7.Om Angalacarinyai namah
8.Om Angalanityanandayai namah
9.Om Angalanityasiddhayai namah
10.Om Angalanityarupayai namah
11.Om Angalaniramayayai namah
12.Om Angalasandharinyai namah
13.Om Angalamahamayayai namah
14.Om Angalasemakarinyai namah
15.Om Angalakamalayai namah
16.Om Angalavimalayai namah
17.Om Angalagunasritayai namah
18.Om Angalakamapriyayai namah
19.Om Angalakamaratayai namah
20.Om Angalakamasvarupinyai namah
21.Om Angalamangalayai namah
22.Om Angalavijayayai namah
23.Om Angalajayayai namah
24.Om Angalamangalakarinyai namah
25.Om Angalakaminyai namah
26.Om Angalakaminikamyayai namah
27.Om Angalakamukayai namah
28.Om Angalakamacarinyai namah
29.Om Angalakamapriyayai namah
30.Om Angalakamaratayai namah
31.Om Angalasvarupinyai namah
32.Om Angalakamakhyayai namah
33.Om Angalakamabijasthayai namah
34.Om Angalanivasinyai namah
35.Om Angalakamadayai namah
36.Om Angalakamahayai namah
37.Om Angalakalyai namah
38.Om Angalakapalyai namah
39.Om Angalakaralikayai namah
40.Om Angalakamsaryai namah
41.Om Angalakamalayai namah
42.Om Angalakamayai namah
43.Om Angalavallabhayai namah
44.Om Angalakatyayanyai namah
45.Om Angalakesavayai namah
46.Om Angalakarunayai namah
47.Om Angalakamakelibhuje namah
48.Om Angalakriyakirtyai namah
49.Om Angalakrttikayai namah
50.Om Angalakasikayai namah
51.Om Angalamathurayai namah
52.Om Angalasivayai namah
53.Om Angalakalaksyai namah
54.Om Angalakalikayai namah
55.Om Angalasundaryai namah
56.Om Angalakhecaryai namah
57.Om Angalakhamurtyai namah
58.Om Angalasudhavarayai namah
59.Om Angalakhadgahastayai namah
60.Om Angalakhadgaratayai namah
61.Om Angalakhadginyai namah
62.Om Angalapriyayai namah
63.Om Angalagangayai namah
64.Om Angalaauryai namah
65.Om Angalagaminyai namah
66.Om Angalagitayai namah
67.Om Angalavivardhinyai namah
68.Om Angalagodharayai namah
69.Om Angalagokarayai namah
70.Om Angalagodhayai namah
71.Om Angalakarpooravasinyai namah
72.Om Angalagandharvayai namah
73.Om Angalagopinyai namah
74.Om Angalagarudasanayai namah
75.Om Angalagovindabhavayai namah
76.Om Angalagovindayai namah
77.Om Angalagandharyai namah
78.Om Angalagandhamadinyai namah
79.Om Angalagaurangyai namah
80.Om Angalagopikamurtaye namah
81.Om Angalagopigosthanivasinyai namah
82.Om Angalagandhayai namah
83.Om Angalagajendragamanyayai namah
84.Om Angalaharipriyagrahayai namah
85.Om Angalaghoraghorayai namah
86.Om Angalaghorarupayai namah
87.Om Angalaghanasrenyai namah
88.Om Angalaghanaprabhayai namah
89.Om Angalaprabalayai namah
90.Om Angalaghantavadinyai namah
91.Om Angalaghoranihsvanayai namah
92.Om Angaladakinyai namah
93.Om Angalaumayai namah
94.Om Angalaupendrayai namah
95.Om Angalaurvasyai namah
96.Om Angalauragasanayai namah
97.Om Angalauttamayai namah
98.Om Angalaunnatayai namah
99.Om Angalaunnayai namah
100.Om Angalabhaktavasinyai namah
101.Om Angalacamundayai namah
102.Om Angalamunditayai namah
103.Om Angalacandyai namah
104.Om Angalacandadarpaharayai namah
105.Om Angalaugracandayai namah
106.Om Angalacandacandayai namah
107.Om Angalacandadaityavinasinyai namah
108.Om Angalacandarupayai namah

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