Angala Parameswari Temple, Erode Keerakara Street

Angala Parameswari Devi

Angala Parameswari Devi

There are several temples for Mata Angala Parameswari Amman. Among that, one famous and ancient temple is situated in Keerakara Street, Erode-638001, and that Amman is my Kula Devata. She is a very powerful goddess, and fulfills the wishes of her devotees. Along with the main Amman shrine, shrines of various other gods, goddesses and demigods are found inside the temple premises.

Every year during ShivaRathri Festival day, grand puja would be performed to Amman, and Amman’s Urchava idol would be decorated with flowers and flower garlands, and she would be seated in the Lion’s Vehicle, and grand procession would takes place.

People from nearby areas and from all parts of Tamil Nadu, would visit this holy temple, and participate in the festival celebration, and the festival would start on ShivaRathiri Day, and the festival would be celebrated for a week.

Devotees especially used to do Coconut Water and Milk Abhishekham, along with other Abhishekham, and Archanai to Amman, in order to get relieved from their mind related and health related problems and to live a happy, prosperous and a blessed life.

Devotees would give donation in the form of cash/cheque or as food grains to the temple authorities, and free food is also provided during the festival days. Apart from the Shiva Rathri festival, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are considered as most auspicious days for worshipping Mata Angala Parameswari Devi.

During the Tamil month, of Aadi Month, special pujas would be performed to Amman, and she would be decorated with flower garlands, and saris would be offered to her by the devotees, and devotees would joyfully celebrate this month, by offering Kuzh and Pongal to the holy mother, and the holy mother would look very attractive and beautiful, and she would steal the hearts of her devotees.

Interested devotees can contact the Temple In charge, Mr.B.Jeganathan, and his Mobile Number is 99443 71481. Those who are unable to participate in the ShivaRathri and Aadi month festivals can make donation through cheque or DD to the temple address. After the performance of the puja, receipt would be sent by the temple management to the address of the devotees.

Lot of lodges and hotels are available nearby the temple and devotees can visit this ancient and holy temple of Angalamma, at least once in a year, and can get the divine grace of Amman. Visiting this temple would give great spiritual pleasure to our mind and body, and all of our health related issues would be resolved by the grace of Mata Parameswari.

Lot of devotees have experienced many good changes in their life, and I am also able to live my life in a peaceful manner, through the blessings of the holy Mother, and my Kula Devata,


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